Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Button Tree

I thought I had posted this last year but have only just found it in draft, I still think it worth posting.

Chloe my granddaughter was at my house last week, she loves crafting with me and I with her. I am feeling sad at the moment as my 84 year old mum passed away on the 9th April. Well to help me Chloe made me a wonderful button tree, I happened to show her a picture of one that I came across on Pinterest.http://www.simplydesigning.net/kids-craft-button-art/
This is her version

Mixed Media

Blogging has been difficult over the past couple of years, a lot has been going on in my life, family and health problems.
I have found myself distracted and unable to concentrate, but one thing that has helped me is mixed media. I found myself looking on YouTube at 3am (when I should have been sleeping) and then following mixed media artists on their blogs.
The help and inspiration has been fantastic.
I am now addicted to art journals, challenges, blogs and YouTube channels and loving it.

This is a layout from 'Pick A Stick' challenge a closed group on Facebook. It is a monthly challenge and this is January's.

Another group I belong to is Mike Deakin's, who has been a great inspiration, Mission Inspiration. This is also a Facebook group and has a monthly challenge.

In the future I hope to blog my various mixed media projects.